Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Impact of Fragrance on Our Daily Lives

Most of us, when surrounded by the fragrance we like, feel good and positive. The mood enhancing effects of fragrances - wheather natural of artificial is proved and experienced by all of us. We can boost our health and mood by surrounding ourself with pleasant fragrance. However, the wide-ranging impact of fragrance on our daily lives is underrated. The experts based on many studies have concluded that the fragrance have positive effects on mood, stress reduction, sleep enhancement, self-confidence, and physical and cognitive performance.

Aromas may have different effects on everyone. The natural fragrances are odors for the everyone! Here are properties of few popular aromas:

- Jasmine aids in proper sleep
- The fragrance of lavender can decrease heart rate, and therefore is relaxing
- Peppermint invigorates and increases activity in the brain area that wakes us up in the morning!
- Vanilla can help curb the craving for sweets if taken after a healthy meal and thus abets weight loss

There is an intimate interconnections between fragrance and emotion. Having better sense of smell could be linked with better neurological well-being. Similarly, people with severe depression often show a decreased sensitivity to fragrances. The studies also suggests that a person's ability to recall information may be improved by inhaling an odor you breathed while absorbing information.

Have you been ever fascinated by a particular aroma? Probably, all of us gets attracted to and feel good when we smell a certain fragrance! Recognize the most suitable aroma for yourself now  here:

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