Saturday, 29 November 2014

Electric Aroma Oil Lamp

Aromatree's Electric Aroma Oil Lamp has been handcrafted to fill the area with a refreshing aromatic scent. This ceramic lamp requires a 60 watt electric bulb to create the heat and to vaporize the fragrance. Unlike candle based oil warmers there is no flame and you are in total control to safely use this in any area of the home.

The fragrance oil lamp also serves as a night lamp and creates a relaxed atmosphere with soft light and sweet smelling scents. Aromatree's Electric Aroma Oil Lamp will add charm in your home decor and also be an appealing gift for any occasion! This beautiful ceramic lamp is 3.7 inch in diameter, 6.8 inch in height and with a water holding capacity of 65 ml. It can diffuse fragrance up to 5 hours without the need for refilling. Available in assorted colors.

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