Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Keep Your Dog Clean and Happy with Aromatree's 2 in 1 Deodorizing Dog Spray

Keep your dog fresh and clean with the Aromatree's 2 in 1 Deodorizing Spray. Naturally fight with malodors of your lovely pet with these gentle sprays that comes in 4 fragrances - lemongrass, pear juice, lavender and balsam spirit! These deodorants contain natural essential oils, fragrances, alcohol and a special plant extract that actively removes malodor. Aromatree, for the first time in India, have used unique odor neutralizing technology to produce 2 in 1 Dog deodorants so that you keep your dog clean, fresh, fragrant, healthy and happy. The key ingredients are based on natural plant extracts and does not affect the pets olfactory senses and is non-toxic and enriched with anti-bacterial properties.

Most ingredients being substantially natural, Aromatree's Deodorizing Dog Spray offers no ill effects even if ingested while licking by the dogs. The natural essential oils not only impart wellness but also keeps flies, fleas and other pests away. Do not let doggy odor come between you and your pet. Get one for him today! You may order these Deodorizing Dog Sprays here:

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