Saturday, 14 June 2014

Dry Bath Cleanser for Dogs

Aromatree's Dry Bath Cleanser for Dogs is a bath replacement spray that cleanses your dog without water, rinsing or mess. Dry Bath Cleanser has a soap free formula that contains anti-bacterial tea tree oil and ethyl. The Dry Bath Spray is pH balanced and allergen free.

Aromatree's Dry Bath Cleanser eliminates the need for a wet bath and cleans away dirt, oil and sebum build up from the skin and hair of your dog. It is also frequently used to clean dirty paws and thus helps you keep your floor or carpet clean too!

Quick, easy and convenient, the Dry Bath Cleanser is safe, effective and very useful when you are travelling with your pet. It is also ideal for use between baths, after groom accidents and for situations where pets can not be bathed. It has natural ingredients dispersed in alcohol so that you can use the spray safely on your pet. Aromatree's Dry Bath Cleanser for Dogs makes your life simpler and makes your dog’s life fresh, clean and happy.

- Ideal for grooming ,cleaning and refreshing your pet
- Soapless formula
- Contain tea tree oil which have anti bacterial property
- PH balenced formula safe for skin

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