Saturday, 24 May 2014

Odour Neutralizer that Works!

Aromatree's Odour Neutralizer Cum Air Freshener tackle the most difficult odors and eliminate them effectively. The unique formula of this popular Odour Neutralizer is based on natural plant extract. Unlike many products that only mask odors with strong fragrance, Aromatree's Odor Neutralizer Cum Air Freshener neutralizes unpleasant odors making them undetectable to our sense of smell.

Aromatree's Odour Neutralizer Cum Air Freshener is non toxic & safe to use in homes, offices and even in kitchens. The product effectively neutralizes odour causing molecules and leaves a lLong lasting fresheness within the premises. The product's packing is beautiful and the bottle easy to use. You may fall in love with Aromatree's Odour Neutralizer Cum Air Freshener the moment you see it! 

- A plant-based product that eliminates offensive odors at the source
- Eliminates odour from pets, animals, human sweat & waste, toilet & washrooms, tobacco & cigarette smoke, garbage and food.
- Effective and economical

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